Become a Partner

Your customers can become more productive by implementing DITA and single sourcing practices.

However, tools for managing DITA content are still required. Your customers need to search content, maintain link integrity, track how content is reused, collaborate with content consumers from other teams who do not know DITA, and so on. Without these tools, DITA benefits can turn into new challenges and only complicate the documentation process.

Offer DITAToo as a part of your DITA implementation services and let your customers enjoy a range of capabilities that automate and facilitate many everyday tasks.

Because we want your business grow, we offer a flexible pricing model that provides various ways to increase your margin from reselling DITAToo and promote your business.

As a partner, you can:

  • Set your own pricing
  • Buy 5 licenses and get one additional license for FREE
  • Charge your customers for DITAToo implementation, training, and support services that you provide on your own behalf
  • Get one free DITAToo license for demonstration and educational purposes
  • Get free DITAToo training
  • Expose your business by participating in DITAToo marketing and promotional events
  • Be the first to know about DITAToo updates and plans

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to discuss partnership opportunities with you.



April 4-6, 2016

We are exhibiting and presenting at the 18th annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference. Alex Masycheff, the CEO of Intuillion will be talking about how DITA can help you automate document assembly and content generation. Learn more...