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Introducing an Integrated Solution for Authoring, Publishing, and Managing DITA with FrameMaker and DITAToo DITA CMS

Our joint presentation with Adobe on FrameMaker and DITAToo DITA CMS was a great success! We’ve attracted a lot of interest and got a very positive feedback.

Pavel Shulga, our CTO, has demonstrated how a combination of FrameMaker and DITAToo can give you an out-of-the-box integrated solution for authoring, publishing, and managing DITA content.

Pavel started with taking a Word document full of manual formatting and showed how DITAToo can convert this document to a standard valid DITA automatically in a matter of seconds.

Then Pavel showed how you can access the DITAToo content repository from within FrameMaker and work with the files. Attendees could see how to check-out and update DITA topics using FrameMaker, add images stored both in the DITAToo repository and on a local drive, add individual topics to the repository, create a new map from the topics stored in the repository, and publish the map to PDF – all this without leaving the FrameMaker environment.

Finally, Pavel demonstrated a “where used” feature which is very popular among DITA users. This feature lets you see where each topic is reused. In other words, you can see which maps and other topics are referencing to the topic in question. It’s very useful when you want to update a topic and want to understand how the change affects other content.

Then we had a Question and Answer session where Pavel answered the questions asked by attendees.

Click here to watch the recording.

Thanks very much to all who attended the webniar! Our special thanks go to Maxwell Hoffmann, a product evangelist at Adobe, who organized and hosted this amazing event.


Introducing DITAToo

On January 4, in association with Metapercept Information Solutions, our implementation partner in India, we conducted a webinar on DITAToo for the audience in India.

During the webinar we briefly talked about key DITA concepts and then did a live demo of DITAToo. We focused at some DITAToo’s key capabilities, including:

  • Automatic conversion of a Word document (which was completely unstyled and full of manual formatting, by the way) to DITA
  • Uploading an existing DITA map from a local computer to DITAToo
  • Automatic update of all links when files and folders are being moved and renamed
  • Metadata-based search
  • Arranging topics to maps
  • Publishing, including filtering conditional content and using publishing profiles
  • Translation management
  • Version control

The recording of this webinar is now available to everyone. You can watch it online (no need to download anything) right here:

DITA Translation Management in DITAToo

DITAToo now supports translation management! DITAToo version 2.0 with the integrated translation management capabilities is now available.

DITAToo 2.0 provides a simple and elegant solution that lets you easily track the translation status of your DITA content, including:

  • Viewing to which languages each DITA topic is already translated
  • Viewing translations to which languages are still missing
  • Receiving a notification every time a DITA topic in the source language is updated and viewing translations in which languages need to be updated
  • Viewing the list of topics included into a DITA map with the indication of the translation status of each of them
  • Previewing the contents of a DITA topic in a selected language
  • Selecting a language in which you want to publish a DITA map
  • Receiving a notification when a project that you want to publish includes non-translated topics
  • and much more…

On June 12, 2012, we conducted a webinar where we demonstrated how the translation management works in DITAToo.

You can watch the recording of the webinar here.


Adobe FrameMaker and DITAToo – A Complete Solution for Your DITA Content, joint eSeminar with Adobe

Adobe FrameMaker, the industry leading single source authoring and publishing tool and DITAToo, the ground-breaking new DITA automation tool,provide you with a complete solution to easily create, publish, and manage DITA content.

Watch Tom Aldous, Adobe Technical Communication Evangelist, and Andy Lewis, leading expert from Adobe Partner iG5 Authoring Tools at the interactive and engaging session to find out how FrameMaker lets you author and publish DITA content while DITAToo seamlessly automates a lot of content management tasks.

The experts demonstrated how FrameMaker and DITAToo enable you to:

  • Store DITA topics in a central, searchable repository – so that they can be easily managed, tracked, and retrieved
  • Automatically convert unstyled Word documents to valid DITA
  • Create DITA topics and automatically add them to a central shared content repository
  • Assemble topics into maps without knowing DITA (enabling non-technical writers to easily create their own deliverables)
  • View where each topic is reused
  • Avoid broken links when moving or renaming files, thanks to the Advanced Link Management functionality
  • Automatically generate a DITAVAL file based on the attributes used in topics throughout the map
  • Publish DITA content to multiple output formats and manage content variations
  • Control versions….and much more!

Watch the recording of the eSeminar here.

Spread DITA Throughout Your Organization with DITAToo

DITA helps you improve content reuse and single-sourcing publishing techniques.

However, DITA also brings new challenges, including locating content from among thousands of individual topics, maintaining link integrity, tracking content reuse, and publishing to multiple formats. Furthermore, members of content creation centers that could benefit from reusing content created by technical writers such as sales, marketing, and customer support, are unlikely to want to learn DITA or to switch to new tools.

Watch this webinar and see how DITAToo, the DITA automation tool from iG5 Authoring Tools, can free your content for use by your entire organization. For technical writers using DITA, DITAToo automates many everyday tasks. For everybody else (for example, proposal writers, the marketing team, and customer support representatives), DITAToo enables the reuse and publication of existing content without the need to know anything about DITA.

You’ll learn how DITAToo helps you to:

  • Quickly find content you need from among thousands of DITA topics
  • Avoid broken links even if you extensively move, rename, and delete files
  • Arrange topics into deliverables without a DITA editor and without knowing anything about DITA
  • Let non-technical writers access the content repository, pick up content they need, and publish it
  • Track content reuse and always know where each topic is used
  • Manage content variations
  • Publish to a wide variety of output formats and apply custom templates
  • … and much more

Download the recording of the webinar here.


April 4-6, 2016

We are exhibiting and presenting at the 18th annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference. Alex Masycheff, the CEO of Intuillion will be talking about how DITA can help you automate document assembly and content generation. Learn more...