DITAToo 1.6

DITAToo DITA Automation Tool Makes Conversion from MS Word to DITA and Publishing to Output Formats Easier

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – JANUARY 31, 2011. iG5 Authoring Tools has released version 1.6 of DITAToo, a DITA automation tool.

DITAToo 1.6 focuses mainly on enhancements of publishing and conversion capabilities by introducing the following new features:

  • Improved conversion from MS Word to DITA. The previous versions of DITAToo successfully converted MS Word documents to DITA concepts. DITAToo 1.6 automatically differentiates between conceptual and procedural information found in MS Word documents and convert the content to DITA concepts and tasks accordingly.

    In addition, DITAToo creates in its content repository separate folders for concepts, tasks, and graphics, and automatically uploads each file to a relevant folder.

    The major advantage of the conversion that DITAToo provides is the ability to successfully convert to DITA even unstyled MS Word documents full of local and inconsistent formatting.

  • Conversion of text files to DITA. DITAToo 1.6 allows users to specify the target information type of a text file and converts the file accordingly.
  • Publishing profiles management. Users can now store combinations of conditional attributes and their values as publishing profiles. A publishing profile defines the conditional content to be exposed in a deliverable.

    When publishing a project, users can specify the content to be included into the deliverable either by manually specifying values of conditional attributes or by selecting a ready publishing profile to be used.

    To those users who want to generate an output using a third party publishing tool, DITAToo generates a DITAVAL file from a publishing profile. In a few clicks, users can download a map with all relevant files, including referenced topics, graphics, and DITAVAL files, to a local computer and use these files with a publishing tool of their choice.

Andy Lewis, the CEO of iG5 Authoring Tools, says: “One of our goals is to provide DITA users with a simple and straightforward tool that helps them solve their essential needs and automate their everyday tasks. We believe that in DITATo 1.6 we have made a very important step in this direction.”

Licensing and Pricing

DITAToo includes the following tools:

  • DITAToo Admin: allows a team leader to set up the structure of the content repository, manage user accounts, and define user privileges.
  • DITAToo Author: allows technical writers to access the content repository, add new content, update existing content, search, arrange topics into maps, manage publishing profiles, and publish.
  • DITAToo Arranger: allows non-DITA users, such as proposal writers, marketing writers, engineers, etc., who want to rearrange existing content for their needs to access the content repository, search, arrange topics into maps, and publish.

The list price of the first DITAToo license includes DITAToo Admin and DITAToo Author and costs $950. The list price of any subsequent license includes DITAToo author and costs $750 per user. DITAToo Arranger costs $350 per user.

Special discounts are available for bulk purchases.

About DITA

DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture. DITA is an XML-based standard that defines the structure of content and determines how individual pieces of content are reused. DITA was originally developed by IBM in early 2000’s to improve content reuse and single-sourcing practices. In 2005, DITA was approved as an OASIS standard.

For more information about DITA, visit http://dita.xml.org/.

About iG5 Authoring Tools

iG5 Authoring Tools develops solutions for authoring and managing content. In addition, the company provides professional services, including training and migration of legacy content.


April 4-6, 2016

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