DITAToo 1.0

With the DITAToo Software Tool, Not Only Technical Writers Can Benefit from DITA

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – JUNE 16, 2011, iG5 Authoring Tools, the developer of content authoring and managing solutions, has released DITAToo, the software tool whose goal is to spread Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) beyond the technical writing community.

DITAToo is a DITA automation tool that lets content creators from different teams within an organization, benefit from the content reuse and publishing capabilities provided by DITA.

With DITAToo, content creators, such as a technical writers, sales representatives, marketing writers, or customer support team members, can access the content repository, pick up topics they need, arrange them as required, and publish without knowing anything about DITA. For example, sales representatives can use DITAToo to assemble proposals and responses to RFPs from the content created by technical writers.

The key features of DITAToo include:

  • Storing all content in a central database-driven repository
  • Managing user access privileges
  • Searching DITA topics based on metadata
  • Managing links and maintaining link integrity when topics and maps are moved, renamed, or deleted
  • Tracking content reuse cases
  • Converting poorly styled Word documents to valid DITA
  • Arranging topics into maps with a built-in map builder
  • Publishing to a wide variety of output formats through DITA Open Toolkit
  • Applying user DITA Open Toolkit customizations when publishing
  • Automatic extraction of attributes and their values used in a map and generation of a .ditaval file
  • Version control and check-in/check-out capabilities

Andy Lewis, the CEO of iG5 Authoring Tools, says: “DITA provides a lot of features that reduce the cost of creating, maintaining, and publishing content. Potentially, any content creator in a company can benefit from these features. However, currently, DITA is mostly used by technical writers, and is hardly known beyond the technical writing community. We created DITAToo to let any content creator, and not just a technical writer, benefit from DITA.”

The list price of the first DITAToo license is $950. The list price of any subsequent license is $750. In addition, a special limited license is available for non-DITA users. It costs $350.

For more information about DITAToo, visit the official DITAToo website: http://www.ditatoo.com.

About DITA

DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture. DITA is an XML-based standard that defines the structure of content and determines how individual pieces of content are reused. DITA was originally developed by IBM in early 2000’s to improve content reuse and single-sourcing practices. In 2005, DITA was approved as an OASIS standard.

For more information about DITA, visit http://dita.xml.org/

About iG5 Authoring Tools

iG5 Authoring Tools develops solutions for authoring and managing content. In addition, the company provides professional services, including training and migration of legacy content.

Contact Details:
Address: 12 Shmuel HaNavi St., Modiin, Israel
Phone: +972 547 860 827



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