Affordable DITA Content Management You Can Trust

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DITAToo is a DITA Content Management System (DITA CMS) that automates and facilitates many of the tasks you have to do everyday. Whether you're changing the structure of your DITA content repository and need all the links to be updated automatically, want to track how each DITA topic is reused, wish to produce an output based on DITA conditional attributes, or need to manage translations - DITAToo DITA CMS will do this for you.

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New modules for DITAToo DITA CMS are now available: Workflow Manager (to control the content lifecycle) and Baseline Manager (to manage releases).

  • DITAToo DITA CMS Features

    DITAToo DITA CMS provides comprehensive features that let you effectively share, reuse, manage, and publish DITA content. DITAToo is simple still powerful DITA CMS.


    • Central repository
    • Integration with any DITA editor
    • Word-to-DITA convertor
    • Link management
    • Publishing management
    • Translation management
    • Version control
    • and much more...

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    DITAToo DITA CMS is a perfect solution for those documentation teams that want to benefit from DITA, but don't have big budgets to deploy complicated DITA CMSs.


    • Easy installation and configuration
    • Simple user interface
    • Affordable pricing
    • Powerful solution for everyday tasks
    • Lets non-DITA users rearrange content
    • Automates legacy content conversion
    • Completely documented
    • and much more...

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